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Advertise for free with our new service for professional photographer customersAs a way of saying "Thank You" for purchasing a printer from us, we are now offering a FREE service to our Dye Sublimation Photo Printer Customers by including your promotional and contact details on your very own unique page on our website in a new feature, which will increase your internet exposure.

Our own website gets a lot of traffic and we often create special feature pages for our customers who use our products.

The pages benefit us because they allow our customers to see the things that other people use our products for, which in turn helps us to sell more products.

The pages also benefit you the customer as well, as greater exposure of your website creates a distinct advantage for your search engine positioning because we provide genuine incoming links to your website.

There is no cost involved of any sort for this feature, all we ask for are the following four things:

  1. A few words about you or your business. Details of any awards, special features, areas of expertise, publications that your photos have been published in, or anything about your business.
  2. Some low resolution images; these can be of any subject matter such as, photos of yourself, your business, or any images produced by you including using the printer. Feel free to provide us with a selection of images.
  3. A simple quote about how good the printer is, or how you use it to make your life easier or more profitable including any tips or advice.
  4. A webpage on your website to link to (or contact info if you don't have a website).

Free advertising service for our professional photographer customersYou will have full control over what is shown on our site and any items, comments or photos used will be subject to your approval. You may have the page removed or altered at any time.

There are no charges associated with this facility at all, it is completely free of charge; however, as this service is provided for our customers, it is reviewed periodically.

This facility will be added to on a regular basis.


For more information visit our website and click on "Professional Photographers" then "Photographers who use a Dye Sub Printer" in the left hand column or
CONTACT US on 01329-835500 to be featured on our website.