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HiTi Photo Printers - Creating Passport Photos
Create your own High Quality Passport Photos using Dye Sublimation Photo Printers

Creating Passport Photos on a Standard (Non-ID) Printer

Create Passport & ID Photographs Easily using HiTouch HiTi Dye Sublimation PhotoprintersCreating Passport Photos on Hi-Ti Printers

Although Hi-Ti do manufacture specific ID models especially designed for this requirement it is still possible to print Passport photos using almost any Hi-Ti printer

All HiTi Photo Printers support printing of ID Photos through either software or direct from the controller on stand alone models.

The only stand alone model that does not support printing ID Photos in stand alone mode is the 730Gala. ID or Passport photos can be printed using a PC however.

With the HiTi Photo Printers you can create photos perfect for passports, driving licenses, ID cards or maybe just small photos for your friends or your wallet/purse!

UPDATE: As of 1st January 2005 the passport office require all paper to be unprinted on the reverse, Hi-Touch has released a new product for the 600 series printers that complies with this new requirement and the product can be purchased here.

How do I do this in stand alone mode?

To print Passport or ID Photos without a PC is very simple, just use the ID Photo option on the controller menu. For step by step instructions Click Here for details.

How do I do this with my PC?

Use the Photo Desiree software which gives you the freedom to select multiple images and turn them into passport photos from your PC.
Click Here for full details.

What size photos will I be able to produce?
There are at least 10 different photo sizes you can choose from with each size determining how many photos can be fitted onto one 1 piece of photo paper:

Single photo dimensions Number of photos on each photo paper
25mm x 30mm
25mm x 35mm
30mm x 40mm
35mm x 35mm
35mm x 45mm (UK passport size)
35mm x 50mm
40mm x 50mm
50mm x 70mm
ID 1 Inch
ID 2 Inch (US passport size)

Do all the Photos have to be the same?

No. If you use the Photo Desiree software you can mix and match photos as much as you want. For example, if you wanted to print 35mm x 45mm photos, each of the 8 pictures could be different, in pairs, all the same etc. It's up to you.

If however, you are using the "ID Photo" function, selectable on the controllers of stand-alone models, all the pictures will be the same.

What size photo paper can I use to do this?

You can only print passport photos onto 6X4 photo paper.

Passport & ID Photo cutters for both UK & USA sizesHow do I cut out my passport photos?
The ideal tool for cutting out your photos is a special ID Cutter. These ID cutters come in two sizes; the 35x45 ID Cutter is for cutting UK passport sized photos, the 2"x2" (50x50) ID Cutter is for cutting USA passport sized photos. You may of course use household scissors.

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