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Using a HiTi 730PS Photo Printer
with an Apple Macintosh

The HiTi 730PS is the Ultimate Home Photo Printing Solution and is fully supported by HiTi for use with Apple computers.


Using a HiTi Photo Printer with an Apple Mac ComputerThe instructions below show you how to use your Apple Mac with a HiTi Photo Printer. These instructions show the settings for the 730PS, but other models are similar in operation.

You will need to install the latest Apple Mac printer driver before attempting to print to the HiTi printer.

Using the 730PS with iPhoto
The instructions below show how to use the 730PS (other models are similar) with iPhoto ver 4.0, other software applications on the Mac are very similar.

The very popular iPhoto Software has no problem recognising & printing to HiTi Photo Printers

Here is an example of printing a photo using iPhoto. As you can see the program has no problems recognising the printer and offers a host of settings.


Here you can see the different types of paper you should be able to select if you have a 730PS. Please ensure you select the correct paper that coincides with the paper and ribbon you have loaded into the printer.


Choosing the correct Photo printer paper to print with

Printing high quality borderless prints with HiTi Photoprinters is easy

When you have clicked "OK" to confirm your choices simply click the "Print" button and iPhoto will send the required data to your HiTi printer and start printing your photos.

HiTi Latest Drivers & Firmware

Installing the Apple Mac Printer Driver

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