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What's Best for Event Photography
We review what we think are the best products for Event Photographers.

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What we Think: All Printers, Hi-Ti 730 Series, Mitsubishi CP3800DW, Mitsubishi CP9550DW/DW-S, Mitsubishi CP9600DW/DW-S, Mitsubishi CP9800DW, Mitsubishi CP3020DE/DAE, Citizen CW-01, Kodak 1400, Kodak 6850, Kodak 9810

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Nikon Wireless: Nikon DSLR Camera Wireless Overview , Nikon Camera Control Pro , Nikon Camera Rental
Canon Wireless Canon DSLR Camera Wireless Overview

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A Rough Guide to Camera Wireless Transmitter Pricing:

Canon WFT-E1/E1A Approx.Price £779 Nikon WT-1/1A Approx.Price £379
Canon WFT-E2/E2A Approx.Price £649 Nikon WT-2/2A Approx.Price £599
    Nikon WT-3/3A Approx.Price £399

Prices quoted above are for Wireless Transmitter Only - Accessories are usually extra:
Canon WFT-E1/E1a uses a BP-511A battery at £55 and needs a CB-5L charger at £40
(Canon WFT-E2/E2A doesn’t need a battery as it takes its power from the camera)
Nikon do not need special batteries for their wireless transmitters.

Prices as per June 2007

Conclusion: The figures speak for themselves - Nikon provide the most cost-effective solution

Wireless Camera Solutions are the ideal partner to the IT5000 Click System


Nikon Wireless Camera Solution


Canon Wireless Solutions


Nikon Wireless Camera Solution

Nikon Wireless Camera Solutions

Nikon Camera & Accessories Rental

Nikon Camera Control Pro Software

Reviews: All Printers, HiTi 730PL, HiTi 730PS, HiTi730Gala, HiTi CS-300, HiTi BS-iD400, HiTi P710L, Mitsubishi CP9550DW/DW-S, Mitsubishi CP9600DW/DW-S, Mitsubishi CP9800DW, Mitsubishi CP3800DW, Mitsubishi CP3020DE/DAE, Mitsubishi EasyPhoto, Mitsubishi Click Lite , Mitsubishi IT5000, Citizen CW-01, Kodak 1400, Kodak 6850, Kodak 605, Kodak 9810, Sony UP-DR150, Sony UP-DR200, Sony Snaplab, Fujifilm ASK 2000, Fujifilm ASK 4000
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