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HiTi Photo Printers - Need Help Choosing?
Still not sure which HiTi photo Printer to choose?
Take a look at our advice below.

Pricing Comparison Help Choosing

Need Help Choosing your HiTi Photo Printer?

If you need some guidance then read on, or feel free to call us for impartial advice. You may also wish to view the comparison chart to get a better overall view of the product range.

All our HiTi Photo Printers come with a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied - we want you to be sure that you are pleased with your purchase.

This section is laid out as a question and answer session, just as though you were talking to a member of our staff.

Is it a present for someone?

Makes an ideal presentYes - Firstly decide which size prints they would like to print (see below). If they only want 6"x4" photos then the 631PS is a good all round printer, the 640PS is very similiar but is faster printing and has a slightly higher resolution. Ideally a printer that can also be used stand alone (without a PC) may be an advantage.

If you are buying for someone else, then we can arrange shipping to a different address, plain label delivery and offer an extended money back guarantee until the recipient has had time to use it.

Do you wish to print photos larger than 6"x4"?

Look at the 730PL or 730PS which print 6"x4", 7"x5" and 8"x6"
Any of the other models only print 6"x"4. You must then decide if you want the stand alone facility, print speed etc

Do you wish to use the printer "stand alone" (not with a PC)

Look at the 631PS, 640PS, 641PS, 730PS
The 631PL, Photoshuttle and 730PL all only operate with a PC or MAC.

Is Print Speed Critical?
Note: The slowest model only takes two minutes to print!

The Photoshuttle, 640PS, 641PS, 730PL, 730PS all have fast printing speed.
The 631PL, 631PS are slightly slower than the other models listed above, although only take two minutes to produce a print!

Do you want to print true Monochrome photos?
Note: All models can print a monochrome image using the colour ribbon, but some 6x4 models support the special monochrome (KO) ribbon kit. More Details?

The Photoshuttle, 640PS, 641PS all support the monochrome KO kit.
All models can print a monochrome image using the colour ribbon. The print produced is a good quality print, but a true mono image can only be produced with the KO kit (see above).

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