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HiTi Model Review - Which One?
Unsure which model to buy? The details below should help you decide. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Still Confused About Which Model To Buy?
In response to customer feedback, below you will find a brief overview of the entire HiTi Photo Printer range to enable you to make a more informed choice. We feel that it is important that our customers purchase a product that meets their demands and has features that the customer will actually use rather than forget about after a couple of days.

Refer to our comparison chart for a model range overview

631PL (Replaces 630PL)

The 631PL is the most basic model of the range and is also the cheapest. Prints 6x4 photos and must be connected to a computer. Print time is 130 Seconds.

631PS (Replaces 630PS)

Identical to the 631PL but with the added stand-alone feature. You can select, edit, adjust and print photos by inserting your memory card into the front of the printer and using the LCD handset attached.


Identical to the 631PL but with a slightly more stylish look and also prints photos in a speedy 45 seconds! Also accepts Monochrome ribbon packs.


This printer is a much improved version of the 631PS. Not only does it incorporate the stand-alone features of the 631PS it also prints at a higher resolution, (400 dpi compared to 300 dpi for the 631PS). Print speed is also faster at 75 seconds. Also accepts Monochrome ribbon packs.


This printer has the same functions as the 640PS but also has a PictBridge port allowing people with PictBridge compatible cameras to plug their camera straight into the printer. Also accepts Monochrome ribbon packs.

Transphotable (Discontinued Product)

The Transphotable is a shock protected version of the of the 631PS. While all the HiTi printers have excellent build quality, this printer is particularly suited for those on the move as it is encased in a rubberised frame.


The first of the 730 series, this printer is the first to allow the user to print either 6x4, 7x5 or 8x6 prints. It must be connected to a computer and print time is 45-70 seconds, (depending on print size).


Our most popular 730 series model, this photo printer is identical to the 730PL but with the added advantage of having the stand-alone feature. You can select, edit, adjust and print photos by inserting your memory card into the front of the printer and using the LCD handset attached.


The highest model in the range, the 730Gala incorporates the same features as the 730PS but allows the user to take advantage of its powerful template function. This function allow the user to create templates on their PC, (for example banners, borders, company logos etc), save them to a memory card and add these templates to all photos printed in stand-alone mode.

Ideal for corporate functions or those who wish to sell their photos but would like to add their personal touch without the need to edit their photos using Art Packages first. Please note that this model will not print stickers.

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