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Canon Printheads
Don't throw your Canon Printer away just because the printhead has failed, breathe a new lease of life into it by changing the printhead.

What is an Inkjet Printhead?

Many printer manufacturers make their cartridges and printheads into one unit, however, Canon differ in that many of their printers have separate printheads. This is useful in that it brings the cost of cartridges down, (Canon also call them tanks), as they have less components in them. The printhead is the part of the printer that controls the amount of ink that is deposited onto the paper. Some Epson printers also have replaceable printheads; however, these are designed to be replaced by an engineer rather than a home user.

Printhead Selections

How does an Inkjet Printhead work?

Ink from the cartridge percolates into the printhead via small tubes and is usually held via surface tension, which stops the ink from running out of the open tubes onto the paper. To overcome this surface tension and to deliver the exact sized drop of ink onto the page, the tubes contain heating elements that create a small bubble of air, which displaces a drop of ink out of the tube and onto the paper.


Printhead Closeup

Why would I need to change a Printhead?

After a while a printhead may become blocked by paper debris or solidified/dried ink. Also, after many hours of extensive printing, the heating elements may fail as they are often switching on and off hundreds of thousands of times. If you notice your printing quality is suffering or the printer fails to print at all, it may be time to change your printhead. We always advise checking with the manufacturer Canon first before changing your printhead.


What Printhead will I need?

Here at System Insight we have a wide range of Canon printheads to choose from. Simply select your printer from the right hand list to find the printhead that matches it or select by part number.

Printhead cartridges




If your having problems with your printhead before or after installation, it sometimes helps to print some test pages of different colours.

We have a printer test page that may help you.






Important Note:
Please ensure you choose your Printhead carefully! We cannot accept returned Printheads that have been opened unless faulty.

We strongly suggest checking with Canon technical support that a new printhead will solve your problem as opened printheads cannot be returned for credit unless faulty.

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