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Event Photography Solutions
Photo Printing Solutions for Professional & Event Photographers.

Event Photography Specialists

We at System Insight consider ourselves to be the Event Photography Specialists. One of the many reasons for this is we actually do event photography ourselves!

Our sister company Event Insight provides many clients (and other photographers) with Event Photography solutions at many different levels from small events upto events with many thousands of people.

We also own and run thephotobus a 29ft long vehicle specially equipped with the latest in Event Photography Equipment.

It is because of this experience that we are able to provide our customers with a unbiased information on a wide range of Solutions so feel free to call us for an informal chat .

Three Essential Items for Successful Event Photography

To be successful in Event Photography you need to ensure that you have three basic things correct from the start. The absence of any of these will mean that you won't make the most of this exciting opportunity.

The three critical things are Photographics Skills, Workflow and Sales & Marketing. The workflow and Sales & Marketing skills are covered on our "Event Photography for Profit" Training Course

We also recommend joining the SWPP as a superb source of knowledge and advice


What Equipment do you need?

Actually, to get started in Event Photography you don't need to spend thousands, you can start with a £330 printer and do your first event!

Spending more on Event Photography Equipment however does have its advantages, fast throughput, better workflow (crucial!) and much more. We supply everything from the low cost HiTi 730PS up to the top of the range Mitsubishi Click Systems with Wireless capability.

We offer you unbiased advice on what's the best equipment to use for your budget and offer rental and finance options.

What Printer should I buy?

Your Dye Sublimation Photo Printer is an important part of your Event Photography Equipment and they are available from a variety of manufacturers.

At System Insight we only sell the products that we would useourselves and we are totally open about the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

As we use this equipment ourselves we are best placed to advise on what equipment is best for a particular job

Printer pricing goes from £330 upwards and usually the more you pay the faster and more flexible the printer is and the media costs usually come down as well. Feel free to give us a call and chat about your requirements.

You may also wish to look at what printer users think of their printers by taking a glance at our printer review pages and you can also look to see what customer think of us!

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