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Mitsubishi Click IT5000 Digital Micro Lab
The Ideal Solution for Event Photographers and In-House Fast Quality Photo Production

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"Mitsubishi Electric recognises System insight as an Official UK Distributor and
integration partner for Photo printing and Kiosk technology."


Mitsubishi's Click IT5000 has been designed as a staff/customer operated digital micro lab solution that consists of a processing unit, 17" touchcsreen and CP9550DW-S or CP9600DW-S printer that can produce upto 6" x 9" size photographs. The CP3020DE can be added to give a complete solution up that will print up to 12x8 prints.

System Insight offer two versions of the IT5000 System: The Standard Mitsubishi Version and our very own PRO SYSTEM Version which many additional benefits.

IT5000 Instruction Manual (3.0mb)

IT5000 Detailed Spec. Sheet

IT5000 Flight Case for Safe Transport & Shipping

Printer Flight Case for Safe Transport & Shipping

Customer Reviews of the IT5000

What we think of the IT5000

Pricing & Consumables

Ten reasons why you should buy an IT5000 Click system from us

Free Software when you buy a IT5000 from us

Low Cost Finance Available to buy a IT5000

Superior Digital Photo Printing with the Mitsubishi CP9550DW

The IT5000 enables the reduction of red eye, restoration of old photos and images, reframing, cropping, enlarging and image lightening. The system also allows for the decoration and customisation of customer’s images with text, clipart, collaging and calendars.

All IT5000 PRO SYSTEMS purchased from us qualify for the following items FREE of CHARGE.

Differences between a Standard IT5000 System and System Insight's PRO SYSTEM

  • Software upgrade from Click Version 1.1 to Version 1.2 (IT5000's are shipped from Mitsubishi with Version 1.0 or 1.1 installed)
  • Free Wireless Setup (ask for details)
  • System Insight's own Application Launcher Software installed
  • System Insight's own Multiprint Templates for Keyrings etc.
  • System Configuration
  • and much more......

As an expandable solution, the IT5000 can be connected to Mitsubishi's PT7000, which can act as a print server for either IT5000 or an instore minilab solution, enabling retailers to offer not only instant digital prints, but a 1-3 hour service or a 24 hour - 3 day postal service, ideal for high volume printing.

Compact and ConvenientIn addition extra CP9550DW-S or CP9600DW-S printers can be connected as well as Mitsubishi’s CP3020DE printer for 8" x 10" and 8" x 12" prints.

Note:The CP9600DW-S is NOT a replacement for the CP9550DW-S and likewise can only be used on a Mitsubishi kiosk system, NOT on a PC or MAC. (The CP9550DW-S prints at 346 & 600 dpi, while the CP9600DW-S prints only at the higher resolution of 600dpi).

Difference between CP9550DW-S & CP9600DW-S Photo Printers


IT5000 Features:

  • Print from mobile camera phones via Bluetooth™
  • Cost effective entry into digital photo processing
  • Accepts all major media types, CD & DVD
  • Advanced editing features
  • Carousel function
  • Burn image to CD/DVD
  • Index prints
  • LAN function for connection to a mini lab with Mitsubishi protocol
  • Desktop or pedestal versions available

We at System Insight have developed a useful software application, which is provided free-of-charge with all IT5000's purchased from us. A Template Creator will also be available shortly.

Advanced Image Processing
The IT5000 allows advanced image processing and the ability to print high quality images in seconds. Full image control is possible as well as a selection of useful framing and template functions combined with the ability to print multiple images on a single sheet. Full Product Documentation on the IT5000 (PDF - 3.0mb)

High quality images in seconds

Dual Line Technology : Smoother and Sharper Picture Quality
Dual line heads are newly adopted on the CP9550DW-S printer to improve head resolution. Compared to the previous model, printing occurs on two head elements for each dot. This results in stunning images with even greater detail and texture. For example: a standard dye-sublimation printer will have a single heater line on its printer head generating an image equivalent to 304 DPI. The Dual Heater Line incorporated in the CP9550DW-S photo printer can double the original 346 DPI output to the equivalent of 692 DPI provide a much sharper picture.


Reduce your running costs with large capacity paper rolls on the Mitsubishi CP9550DWLarge-Capacity Roll Paper to Reduce Running Costs
These new digital colour printers are eco-friendly, using coreless, large capacity rolls of paper giving up to 600 prints on 4" x 6" media.

Media Cost / Prints per Pack for CP9550DW-S / CP9600DW-S





Number of Prints on a Roll of Media





Cost Per Print (ex-vat - correct as at Feb 2006)






CP3800 with IT5000 and Click Lite Systems
System Insight can provide multi-print settings for your IT5000 for this printer - ask for details

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Long Service Life and Durable Heads

A new protective film applied to the heads enhances durability, while use of a back-layer ink sheet diminishes the wear rate. The bottom line is improved head durability and an impressive new realm of reliability. The CP9550DW-S or CP9600DW-S are used in many photo kiosk systems throughout the world.

What are the differences between the CP9550DW-S and the CP9550DW

What is the difference between the CP9550DW-S and the CP9600DW-S

Printer Flight Case for Safe Transport & Shipping

System Unit Flight Case for Safe Transport & Shipping

Mitsubishi Kiosk and Micro Lab Systems Range

* IT5000 shown above on optional pedestal at additional charge

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