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Inkjet vs Dye Sublimation - What's best?
Inkjet Photo Printers compared with Dye Sublimation Photo Printers - what you should know

Dye Sub vs Inkjet Photo Printers - The Real Facts!

HiTouch Hiti photoprinters comparison with leading inkjet photo printersWe tell you what the Inkjet Manufacturers don't want you to know about printing photos on an Inkjet Photo Printer. We then compare two popular Inkjets with a Dye Sublimation Photo Printer.

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What's the difference between Dye Sublimation and Inkjet?

The Dye Sublimation (D2T2) technology used by Hi-Touch is a totally different printing method. D2T2 printing does not have printing dots like that of inkjet printing; therefore, it provides a much higher photo image quality. More details on Dye Sublimation

HiTi Dye Sub VS Epson Picturemate - Which is best?

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What are the cost advantages?
The total printing cost for a special photo paper with ink is around 44p (26p for paper and 18p for ink). The total printing cost for a Hi-Touch photo printer is only 30p (including paper and ribbon). Hi-Touch photo printers unlike Inkjets do not have any wastage as all of the ribbon is used. With an Inkjet Printer it is possible to set a number of pages printing only to discover on your return, that one colour ran out leaving the rest of the images spoilt. More details on Costs

Dye Sublimation has an over-coated protective layer.
The over-coating protective layer from HiTi's thermal printer is water and fingerprint resistant and can make the photo last up to 50 years under normal environments. Inkjet printer output is not this durable even with special papers and inks.

Borderless Photos
The paper technology used for conventional inkjet photos is less advanced than thermal photo paper. You need to cut the inkjet photo paper, normally from A4, to make the desired smaller photo sizes, which is less convenient. For HiTi's photo paper, all you need to do is just to clip off the edges to make it a full print photo; yet with higher quality and convenience.

Printing Speed
Inkjet printers normally require more time to print photos. However, the fastest model from Hi-Touch Technologies takes only 45 seconds, and the slowest model takes only 100 seconds. This compares with 7-10 minutes for an Inkjet which prints and more expensive inferior image!

Different Applications
HiTi photo printer can be used for various applications, which can easily satisfy different needs, including ID photos, fun stickers, bookmarks, watermarks, glossy and matte effect, business cards, ID badges, etc. This impressive range is something that is not that widely available in the inkjet printer market.

Paper Sizes
Inkjet printers can use a variety of paper sizes; sometimes over A3 size. The Hi-Touch printers print on 6x4 photo size, although certain models can use a maximum of A5 size paper. This is not a problem, as the Hi-Touch Photo Printers are not a replacement for an Inkjet; they are designed for different tasks. Using a Hi-Touch Photo Printer for your photos, means that you can typically use a cheaper inkjet for your day to day printing.

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