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Dye Sublimation Printers - Customer Reviews
See what our customers think of all of our range of High Quality Dye-Sublimation Photo Printers.

Reviews: All Printers, HiTi 730PL, HiTi 730PS, HiTi730Gala, HiTi CS-300, HiTi BS-iD400, HiTi P710L, Mitsubishi CP9550DW/DW-S, Mitsubishi CP9600DW/DW-S, Mitsubishi CP9800DW, Mitsubishi CP3800DW, Mitsubishi CP3020DE/DAE, Mitsubishi EasyPhoto, Mitsubishi Click Lite , Mitsubishi IT5000, Citizen CW-01, Kodak 1400, Kodak 6850, Kodak 605, Kodak 9810, Sony UP-DR150, Sony UP-DR200, Sony Snaplab, Fujifilm ASK 2000, Fujifilm ASK 4000
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What we think about the different Dye Sublimation Photo Printers

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Hi-Touch (Hi-Ti)

If you'd rather not wade through all the reviews on all the different printers then listed below is a small selection:

Jan Mayhew
Just to say I am delighted with the printer and thank you for all your help, its really nice to deal with someone who knows what they are talking about!

Mathew Bernstein - 630PS
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new HiTi printer... Sounded a bit too good to be true for the price (and from a manufacturer I'd not heard of before), but I've been thoroughly impressed (and will be recommending them to anyone who will listen!) It's also surprisingly fascinating watching the print go through each cycle and coming out looking like a normal photograph at the end.

Thanks also for taking the time to ring up and offer me the ex-demo PS model for the great price - you were quite correct, if you hadn't told me it was ex-demo, I'd never have known.

Les Guiblin - 730PS
I would certainly like to comment on my recent purchase - the 730ps. It is very easy to set up - both connecting and software - and easy to load the paper and ink ribbon. Certainly the only home printer offering 5x7 prints.

The main selling point is that it is the only dye-sub printer offering a wide range of paper sizes.

Printing from an inkjet photo printer is always hit and miss, especially if not used for a while and it is so easy to get lines or strange colours when the ink starts to run out. Not so with dye-sub: with one ink-ribbon per pack of paper consumables are very efficient with no wastage. The prints are very robust. The coating prevents any colour running if the print gets damp.

The dual flexibility of either USB PC connection or direct CompactFlash card insertion makes for a very flexble printing solution. The print quality is excellent, indistinguishable from lab prints.

Mrs Morris - Kodak 1400
I have recently purchased the Kodak 1400 and it is absolutely brilliant, it is far superior than my existing HP Photosmart. I have reprinted pictures which have previously been produced on the photosmart and the colours are far more natural. This is a magic machine and I am overjoyed with my purchase.

Mitsubishi CP3020
As an inkjet user and a pro photographer I have been converted to dye sub by the Mitsubishi "it does what it says on the tin" and it's cost effective and quicker than inkjet. Also, inkjet prints are too easily spoiled whereas the dye sub doesn't mind a splash of coffee!! Many claims are made for inkjet printers not all of these claims are achieved. I feel sure that dye sub is a serious threat to inkjet.!

John Nash - Photoshuttle
Have had a chance to give this a good workout, and have to make the following comments:

Dead easy to set up, easy to load ribbon cartridge and paper tray, but must read instructions first! The oddly named software is, as you said, a doddle to use - it does all that it should quickly and easliy - even if the instructions etc are in, umm, quaint English.

The results for colour and mono are, quite simply, astounding. I did not know it was possible to get genuine photo prints like these at home. Anyone prepared to pay 30p or so for a superb 6x4 must buy one.

Use any of these comments as you wish - it's all true!

Ron Thomas - PhotoShuttle
I am still open-mouthed in amazement at the excellence of this piece of equipment.  

The printer produces photographs  that as far as I can see are perfect in every way.   The quality is such that I thought could not be approached by any printer and are quite the equal of laboratory-processed photographs.   My camera is merely 3.5 megapixel  but this is quite sufficient to produce marvellous prints.   I am using the photoshuttle for my own personal home use and although a cheaper version is available I am pleased that I paid the odd £40 or so for the extra speed.  

I am amazed that these printers appear to be relatively unknown - as far as I am concerned this is the only printer for me from now on!

Keith Barber - 630PS
I am delighted to be able to comment on the Hi-Ti Photo Printer I recently purchased from you. The model I have is the 630PS.

I am extremely impressed by the superb quality of the prints it produces. I have a Fuji Finepix digital camera and have recently printed out images from it taken at a very modest I megapixel resolution on the Hi-Ti and the results were remarkable. They were indistinguishable from photos processed from a high quality 35 mm film.

The photoprocessing software supplied with the Hi-Ti (PhotoDesiree) is easy and intuitive to use and allows editing and enhancement of photos in may different ways. Over or under exposure can be corrected and if you want different tools to use, the software will easily transfer your photos to external editors.

The Hi-Ti is one of the best buys I have made for many years.It is an outstanding piece of technology which is very easy to use and which produces superb results with minimal effort.

Terrie Smith - 630PS
I would highly recommend this printer for a few reasons:

1.. Cost is excellent - The Money wasted on photo papers and photo inks in the past could have probably taken me on several holidays abroad.

2..You cannot tell the difference from shops that process your pictures in the same way but on a larger scale, but charge a fortune.

3..With all the above I cannot really add much more apart from do you know what you are missing? I didn't until I gave it a try! and I won't look back

4..I don't need to worry about ink and paper it's all in the box and for each picture I process there is always enough paper and Ink - No running out of colours - Brilliant!

Dave Leeming - 730PS
Note: Customer had a printer with a power supply fault
I must say that I was very impressed with your attitude. It would have been easy for you to have said for me to send it back for investigation before replacing but you didn't. I had my replacement printer 48 hours later. I cannot thank you enough. I have not really used it yet, just a handful of prints, but excellent quality

Again my sincerest thanks and I look forward to future business with your company

Clive Hill - 630PS
I recently purchased a Hi-Ti 630PS Photo Printer for personal use. Although I mainly take digital photo's now its always nice to have a few of the best to give to relations and bore friends with! The other and main reason was easy of use and quality.

Although inkjet printers are good they are often not as easy as they should be to get a good 6x4 print.

Having installed the printer and used it in both stand alone and connected to a PC I am delighted with its performance. Its easy to the use in stand-alone mode and has impressive editing features even without the use of the PC.

The quality of the prints is outstanding. I was expecting good but I would challenge anyone to tell the difference between these and a professional laboratory print.

When connected to a PC the printer is just as easy to use with the added advantage of seeing the shot on a large screen. The only minor niggle is that I think the bundled editing software is a but 'clunky' by modern day standards but there are plenty of free packages around for editing pictures.

Had I known how good these were I would have got one as soon as I purchased my digital camera. Overall rating 9.5 out of 10

D A Thorpe - 630PS
I recently purchased one of the HiTi photo printers and I am very impressed with the quality and ease of use.

Tom Barry - 630PS
I would like to say the ex demo Hi-Touch printer is great and so is your service.

Professional Photographer:
Harvey Lexton, Celebrity Films Ltd - 730PS
This printer was given a 5 start write up in this months Mac User so my friend tells me. He is beeing given a copy of some of my prints to examine. My opinion this printer is fantastic, the skin tones print perfectly, wysiwyg as a pro photographer in the social scene, the photographs printed by the 730 are no less than remarkable, even to the point that you can handle the pictures after printing without a trace of a finger mark on the print, whereas glossy RA4 standard lab processed prints finger mark.

Normally I produce lustre prints, but these gloss prints are really accurate in the colour and all I can say is that this machine for the quality and price, other DS manufacturers should look at this competition seriously.

The best printer I have ever used.

Professional Photographer:
Jon Firth (Behxill) - 730PS

Wow what a great product. At last location proofing at a sensible price! Great product, paid for itself outright on the first function I photographed. No more driving backwards and forwards to the minilab.Superb. Revolutionised my workflow, reduced my car travel time and post office hassles by at least 50percent by allowing me to proof on the spot. Hurray, I've been waiting so long for a reliable dye sub with consumables at a sensible price to make it viable!

Dennis Maher - 630PS
I would like to express my opinion on the hi ti 630ps photo-printer.Having tested a lot of (top of the range) ink-jet printers,I must say not one of them can hold a candle to the hi ti 630ps photo-printer for quality and value, at 30p a print a must have

Roger Little - 630PS
I have a Hi-Ti 630PS printer that I occasionally use for business purposes, but its predominant use is personal.At the time you were advertising the printers I had a requirement to produce prints for a number of friends. The offer of a free home trial seemed too good to miss, as I could return the printer once I had produced the prints I required. The prints produced were certainly as good, if not better, than commercially produced prints; and were very well received by my friends. Having seen the quality of the prints produced there were absolutely no thoughts of returning the printer. Before I had the Hi-Ti printer I produced any prints I required on a Photo Real Inkjet printer. Not only are prints produced on the Hi-Ti printer quicker and cheaper to produce, but are also of a much better quality

Keith Barber - 630PS
I meant to mention too that the machine is very compact, has a small footprint and can be used as a highly effective portable photolab since it does not need to be connected to a pc - all-in-all a remarkable piece of kit!

Russel Ainsley - 640PS
The 640PS is a quality product which is simple to use and produces stunning results. The sample photograph (available before you buy) really does show the quality of the output print. Certainly the best photo printer I have ever used!

Norman Penfold - 630PS
I recently purchased a HiTi 630PS and find the results excellent. There was a problem with the comparison between one print taken on this machine with one printed on my Epson printer but it turned out that the HiTi was far more true to colour. During the investigations into this, System Insight were extremely thorough until I was fully satisfied. Furthermore, as there was a delay in the normal delivery for reasons beyond their control, Stuart Morley delivered the unit himself and spent an evening installing and advising on the operation. The speed of printing is very good and the quality is superb. I would recommend this company for their service and fairness and the machine for its good results.

Sam Kilgour - 730PS
Just to say that the the Hi-Ti 730PS is the best purchase I have made, in terms of a printer. So easy to use whether alone or connected to a computer, the photo quality is excellelent.

John Johnson - 630PL
I have an adequate digital camera, and to date had printed out my pictures from it with an inkjet, getting good to very good results. The cost of the cartridges combined with the fact that it is my home office equipment, meant however that I was considering a colour laser for durable photoshop standard output. I spotted the ink sublimation system, read the details and asked my wife what size pictures she would want to put into her photo albums (yes the plural is deliberate) and decided to trial one. I have had a brilliant experience with this printer.The set up was simplicity itself and the results far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend anyone who wants to print photo grade digital pictures to buy one as soon as they can get their hands on one! A word of caution though, you may well find that it is an expensive acquisition because you might end up printing more than you expect!

Ken Whelpdale - Photoshuttle
I am very pleased with the results of photos printed by the Hi-Ti printer. I have the Photoshuttle model, as I thought a middle of the range one would be a good place to start. The software is an excellent complement to the printer and very user friendly. There is a wide choice of options with labels, various photo sizes and formats on one print alone. It's a perfect result every time, unlike an inkjet printer which can sometimes produce an erratic copy. In addition it is much faster than an inkjet printer per print. The photos are harder wearing and the print won't run if they get a little wet/damp, unlike inkjet printer photos. I had no qualms about hanging onto mine after I received it and tried it out. I'm sure the price of the units will come down too as supply and demand dictate. A great piece of engineering.

Martin Chapman - 630PS
Well this is just truly an amazing product having only just started to use it and understand it, I have found it brilliant,no more going to the shops to wait for your prints to be done all


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