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HiTi Photo Printers - Cost per Print
Dye Sublimation printers offer fixed cost per print so you'll know how much each print is costing you.

The cheapest way of printing quality photo's at home
How much it costs to print with HiTouch Hiti Photo PrintersPerhaps one of the biggest advantages of any HiTi Dye-sublimation photo printer, is the cost per print advantage. Typical costs for printing photos are 40% cheaper than an Inkjet Printer.

Approximate cost of printing a photo on a HiTi Photo Printer. Prices shown include VAT and Delivery!

Only one reliable consumable needed!
The HiTi Photo printers have an easy to use system that means you only have ONE consumable. Paper & Ribbon kits are available that contain everything you need in one pack! You know how many images you'll get to print without cartridges running out halfway through. No hassle and No Fuss, what could be easier? Exact print costs per image and with results that are better than an Inkjet, you can't go wrong!

Printing on an Inkjet - More Expensive and Inferior quality!
The total printing cost for a special photo paper with ink is around 44p (26p for paper and 18p for ink). The total printing cost for Hi-Touch photo printer is only 30p (including paper and ribbon). Hi-Touch photo printers unlike Inkjets do not have any wastage as all of the ribbon is used. With an Inkjet Printer it is possible to set a number of pages printing only to discover on your return, that one colour ran out leaving the rest of the images spoilt.

Printing your photos on a HiTi Photo Printer means that you save up to 40% against the cost of printing them on an Inkjet Printer and of course you get better results.

Hidden Inkjet Costs!
One hidden cost with Inkjet Printers is the consumables needed. The Epson R800 uses EIGHT cartridges at a total replacement cost of almost £90.00. Given that most people need to keep a spare set in case one cartridge runs out during a print, that's almost £180.00 just in Inkjet Cartridges! Using the HiTi Printer means that you can also save money by just buying a standard Inkjet Printer. This means that you save money buying your Inkjet printer and you don't need so many Ink cartridges - This saving may even pay for your HiTi Photo Printer!

Even an In-store Digital Photo Kiosk is more expensive!
Even when comparing the costs against using a Digital Photo Kiosk they are still much cheaper.

The example below is taken from a leading High Street Chemist and is valid until 31.12.04. HiTi Photo Printers are upto 40% cheaper

Digital Photo Kiosk Price comparison with HiTouch HiTi Photoprinters The 6x4 prints are only 1p cheaper if you get 50 images printed in one go! This makes the HiTi solution almost 40% cheaper!

The 8x6 prints are £1.19 compared with 70p for the HiTi prints and still only come down to 79p when you have 50 images printed in one go.

Coupled with the fact that you have to travel to the Kiosk to print them, the HiTi Solution makes perfect sense everytime - it's like having your own photo lab at home!




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