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HiTi Photo Printers - Monochrome KO Photo Kit
Although the HiTi 600 series of Photo Printers create excellent monochrome prints from their colour ribbons you may feel happier using their dedicated Monochrome Media Packs.

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Get outstanding print results with the Monochrome KO Photo Kit for HiTouch HiTi PhotoprintersThe HiTi Monochrome KO Photo Kit enables you to print true 6x4 photos in monochrome with outstanding results. Photos printed using this kit are the same quality as those printed using the colour photo packs.

This photo kit is ONLY suitable for use with the Photoshuttle and 640PS, 641PS and 640GALA photo printers.

The Monochrome KO Photo Kits contains a monochrome ribbon and 75 sheets of photo paper.

All of the other 600 series models will however print pictures in monochrome using the standard colour ribbon.

If you are planning to do lots of monochrome images and you are using the Photoshuttle, 640PS, 641PS or 640Gala you may wish to use this monochrome photo kit for best results.

Print Costs: 30p (inc vat!) per 6x4 print, much cheaper than the High Street Digital Print Booths.

HiTi Photoshuttle, HiTi 640PS, 641PS, HiTi-640 GALA

Printing Monochrome with a Colour Ribbon

For printers that cannot use the Monochrome kit it is still possible to print a monochrome image, there is however a slight difference in the output and the image that is created is not as good as the image created with the monochrome kit. However the printer will still print a decent monochrome image with the colour ribbon.

The image below is two halves of a photo joined together, the left hand side was printed using a colour ribbon and the right hand side printed using a monochrome kit. Although this is a small web image from a photograph taken of two printed photos, it does give an indication as to the quality differences.

Monochrome printing comparison with colour ribbon on HiTouch HiTi Photo Printers

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