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ID & Passport Photo Printing
Print your own passport or ID Photos quickly and cheaply without expensive equipment either on paper media or plastic cards.

Photo ID & Passport Photo Systems from:
Hi-Touch Technologies: Hi-Ti 640ID, Hi-Ti BS-iD400, (as used by HM Border and Immigration Service)
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi EasyPhoto, Mitsubishi DIS-900 ID System,
Sony: Sony UPX-C100 ID System, Sony UPX-C200 ID System, Sony UPX-C300 ID System,

Recently a company advertised that the Sony Passport System was approved by the Home Office. We at System Insight knew this to be untrue as is in fact the Home Office doesn't have any procedures in place for approving equipment.
As we are always striving to provide our customers with the correct information we complained to the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) and our complaint was investigated and upheld.
The HM Border and Immigration Service do however successfully use Hi-Ti 640ID and BS-iD400 Photo Printers as do other government agencies.

Passport and ID Printers

By using a bespoke ID printer you can print Passport and ID photographs quickly and cheaply without an expensive ID Photo System.

We sell a range of these popular printers and have provided solutions to the Uk Immigration Office and the Probation Office to print ID photos.

Easy to Use
The printers are very easy to operate and can be used with most digital cameras which means that you don't have to spend a fortune on specialist camera equipment.

There are two methods of producing passport or ID Photos with these printers

  • Insert the memory card into the front of the printer and then using the hand controller on the side of the printer to select and change this image size, number and format of prints etc. This system is very flexible and this is possibly the quickest and simplest method of operation.
  • Using the supplied ID Desiree software means you can use an attached PC to create your ID Photos. The software is easy to use and you can be creating your photos within a minute or two.

Low Cost per Print
Cost per print is very low when compared to other methods of instant printing and a 6x4 print containing 8 images costs approx 30p (4p per image!) Due to the technology used there is no wastage, no expensive ink cartridges, no mess only one box of media which contains an exact number of prints. The paper and ribbon are both contained within the pack of media and there are no extra items needed.

Easy to use
The printers are very easy to use which means staff training times are low, most people are using them successfully within a few minutes. They maybe used directly from a PC or in stand alone mode.

High Quality Images
Dye Sublimation technology is used by professional photographers to provide photo quality images and is very superior to inkjet technology for durability and image quality. Dye Sublimation prints are considered suitable for Passport Office Photos and is the same technology employed in passport photo booths!

Suitable for UK Passports
The Uk passport office requires that any passport photo must not have anything printed on the back of the image. We have special passport media that is not printed on the back with the manufacturers logo for this very purpose. The Uk Immigration Service and the Probation Service both use Hi-Ti Printers to produce ID Photos.


Plastic ID & Business Card Printers

The HiTi CS Range of Plastic Card Printers allow you to create superb high quality durable plastic cards inexpensively. HiTi Printers provide a cost effective way of producing Photo Quality Plastic Cards. A Plastic card printer has many uses, including:

  • Personalized Photo ID Cards
  • Access Cards
  • Business Cards (That people keep)
  • Stock Labels
  • Membership Cards
  • Student ID

We can provide the complete HiTi CS Range (CS-300, CS-310, CS-310M, CS-320, CS-320M) and consumables from stock. Read our Customer Reviews on these superb plastic card printers.

Our plastic card printers are also available for hire or rental if you requirement is not an on-going one. Contact us for more details.



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