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Mitsubishi EasyPhoto System
The Ideal Solution for Retail Shops, Chemist and anyone looking to provide customers with In-House Fast Quality Photo Production. System compises of a EasyPhoto Kiosk and CP9550DW-S Printer.

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Easy Photo - the low cost Retail Kiosk Solution

Easy Photo is a complete, flexible and affordable digital photo solution that includes a small touch screen kiosk and CP9550DW-S printer and has been designed with photo retailers, pharmacies and photographers in mind, Easyphoto is a complete all in one solution for your digital printing needs.

Producing beautiful, clear, full colour bleed to edge photographs in a matter of seconds Easyphoto is quick and simple to set up and operate. The sleek compact design would fit into virtually any retail application with the included Mitsubishi CP9550DW-S photo printer. The Easyphoto and printer can easily be situated neatly on the counter top or separated with the printer being housed out of sight under a counter an advantage that no other comparable system offers.

Convenient ‘over the counter’ payment is achieved with an optional ticket printer and wireless keyboard for order processing. Easyphoto can be customized to offer a number of standard options such as instant printing, CD/DVD burning, brightness and colour adjustments, red eye reduction and composition prints.

ID Facility for passport and ID Photos

In addition Easyphoto can be expanded to offer ID photos, calendars, collage and mosaic options.

The ID option will include automatic biometric adjustments making the offering of ID easier than ever before! Just connect a standard digital camera or insert a memory card and upload the images to the ID option.

Flexible Print Sizes: 6x4, 7x5, 8x6, 9x6

The Easy Photo system includes Mitsubishi’s market leading CP9550DW-S dye sublimation printer that can produce 4” x 6”, 5” x 7” up to 6” x 9” prints quickly and easily! Cost per print for a finished 6” x4” will be 8 pence per print to the retailer, this is for either finished photo or an ID print!

With an initial investment of only £1199 for a complete out of the box solution, Easyphoto provides a great return on investment that will literally pay for itself within months! Optional upgrades include an ID Photo module, wireless keyboard and ticket printer.

Paul Jones UK Sales Manager said “Easyphoto is the ideal choice for photo retailers; it is easy to set up and operate and is extremely cost effective! It provides a refreshing alternative to the Kiosk products that have been in the market for a number of years as it is a flexible and easy solution that provides a great return on investment opportunity”.

What we think!

The EasyPhoto is ideally suited for any retail application where the retailer is looking for a revenue stream from the sale of photos. Mitsubishi has a product that in our opinion is far superior to other manufacturers offerings and at a very low selling price.

The CP9550DW-S Printer is one that we have used extensivly and found to be a very robust and reliable piece of equipment. The reproduction is superb and the unit is one of the smallest on the market.

Much as we like the EasyPhoto system it is not designed, nor would we recommend it's use as and event photography solution. Event Photographers are better served with the Click Lite system

The Competition

Mitsubishi's EasyPhoto is really out on it's own as there are very few other products that come close at anywhere near the same price point

The Sony Snaplab is the closest contender but doens't offer the popular 6x8 and 6x9 sizes and isn't able to produce ID photos with biometric capability or burn CD's or DVD's The snaplab also has the smallest number of images on a media roll meaning that frequent changes are necessary increasing machine downtime.

With the benefits that the Mitsubishi EasyPhoto offers at just over half the price of the Kodak (or other Mitsubishi Products!) it is eay to see why the EasyPhoto is the ideal choice for the retailer.

Comparison Chart between Mitsubishi EasyPhoto, Sony Snaplab and Kodak GS Kiosk



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