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Event Marketing - Signage
An inexpensive professional solution to an age-old problem. Let your customers know where you are, what you do and what you charge; quickly and easily.

Sign Pricing & Purchasing

Why use Signs?
Signs enable you to communicate quickly and easily with your customers with minimum hassle. Signs work as "Silent Salespeople" and they have many advantages:

  • Enables customers to find you quickly and easily
    Especially useful in large hotels where you may have to setup a studio that is some distance from the main event or reception.

  • Advertises the services you offer
    You can even promote your other services (wedding, portraits etc).

  • Reminds them a Photographer is on-site
    Often visitors will notice a photographer on arriving and then "forget" during the event. Signage helps remind them during an event.

  • Promotes special offers
    People can see the pricing without having to ask.

  • Aids Workflow
    Helps reduce the ''standard questions'' you are asked whilst working, so reducing queues and ''lost" custom.


Where to use them?
Our signs feature a heavy base that maybe used inside or outside; and will even stay upright on grass or uneven surfaces when used outdoors.

  • Use in an entrance foyer so that guests see them on arrival.

  • Place them near areas of high traffic: Bar, adjacent to Toilets etc...

  • Use them near your studio to inform of pricing, special offers etc...

  • In key locations where they are useful to guide customers to your studio if it is not immediately apparent where you are located (i.e. large hotel, equestrian event).

  • On a any flat surface with optional plastic feet (see above)...


Product Information
The stand is easily assembled without the need for any tools and consists of three parts: Stand, Pole & Sign. The base, stand and frame are all black, which look professional and work well with any colour scheme.

The Stand is a heavy plastic base made from recycled materials; and easily detaches from the pole for easy storage, transport and quick assembly. It is suitable for use inside or outside.

The Pole is adjustable from 100cm (lowest) to 190cm (highest) settings and can be easily adjusted without tools using a single small handle located at the top of the pole.

The Sign Frame clips into the top of the stand pole and allows for the sign to be used in either portrait or landscape orientation. The stand is supplied with an A3 frame (A4 frames are available at extra cost). The frame is open at one end to allow for easy removal or changing of the sign and contains one foamex back board and two plastic protectors (one each side). The frame is slightly larger than an A3 sheet (or A4) so that laminated A3 sheets will fit inside.


Tips on using the Signs
By making the best use of your signage, you will increase the sales you make at your photographic event.

  • If you are unable to produce A3 printed signs, then the use of a black A3 background with an A4 sign in the middle works really well.

  • Print a selection of signs and use them for different events.

  • Have a different sign on the back.

  • Use plastic legs on an A3 or A4 sign to enable the sign to be used on a desk without the stand (see picture above).

  • Walk around the event with a "Last chance to have your photo taken" sign, this nearly always encourages extra business.

  • Store unused paper signs "in" the frame

  • Laminate your paper signs to protect them from damage if you are constantly changing the signs in the frame.

  • Transport the paper signs in the frame.

  • Use multiple signs to get the maximum effect.

The signs above are provided free of charge in A3 size with our signage kit.

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