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Hiring a Dye Sublimation Photo Printer
We are often asked if we rent or hire Dye Sublimation Photo Printers and the answer is - Yes we do - We can rent you a Dye Sub photo printer for up to 3 Months!

Why Rent a Dye Sublimation Photo Printer or System?

Mitsubishi CP9550DW Dye Sub Photo Printers for hire at realistic pricesOften rental makes perfect sense if you are new to a particular type of event and are unsure how a piece of equipment will perform. You have the ideal opportunity to try the equipment at a live event and make money without having to purchase expensive equipment.

Rental is also very useful for existing customers, who are doing a large event and need extra equipment and so can just rent what they need without expensive capital outlay.

What Equipment do we Rent?

We rent almost everything we sell and support which currently includes most of the photo printers and systems available today.

All our systems come complete with everything you need. Many printers come with a flight case for additional ease of use. All cables and power leads are included and a Setup CD is also included.

We also offer the option to rent a Laptop which is pre-loaded with the latest drivers and also includes software which is ideal for event photography.

If you are looking to use wireless photography technology then some of our systems are wireless enabled and are pre-configured. All you need to do is add some settings into your camera and you are away.

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Hi-Touch 730 Series
Citizen Citizen CW01
Mitsubishi CP3020DAE, Mitsubishi CP9550DW, Mitsubishi CLICK IT5000
Kodak 1400, Kodak 6850, Kodak 9810, Kodak ML500
Olympus P440


Main Advantages of Renting a Photo Printer or Click System from us.
  1. Only pay for the media you use! - No expensive rolls or packs of media to buy and find you don't use. Pay for what you need.

  2. Flexibility - We have even be know to open the office at 6:30am on a Sunday to rent a printer for a customer!

  3. Low Costs - Our weekly rates are often cheaper than other companies daily rates!

  4. Purchase Option - 50% rebate on equipment hire if similar product is purchased after rental period (within 14 days).

  5. Everything you need - Everything is supplied (cables, software, manuals, profiles etc) and most items comes supplied in a flight case.


What is the Rental period?

You can normally rent any of our printers from one week to three months; although longer or shorter rentals may be possible.

Our minimum period is one week, which gives you time to get used to the equipment and feel confident in its use. Equipment rental are usually required at the weekend, so we deliver on a Thursday and collect the following week although you may have the items delivered or you may collect to suit your requirements.

Our weekly rental charges are often lower than some companies daily prices! As we are specialists in this area we can keep prices down.

How much notice do you need?
We aim to keep large rental stocks and are usually able to supply equipment the very next day (even on Saturdays for a small charge). However we strongly recommend you give us as much notice as possible in order to avoid dissapointment.

In an emergency we can arrange for same day delivery at your cost. We have been know to deliver a printer to Brussells in Belgium on a Saturday afternoon when the customer only ordered it on Friday at 5:30pm!
What are the Rental Costs?

These vary depending upon: the printer you rent , the length of time you rent the printer for and the number of prints you make. Full Dye Sub Printer Rental Pricing

Find out more: Request a no obligation rental quotation
What comes with the Printer or Click System?

How much media comes with the printer?

As much as you like! You only pay for the media you use, so you don't have to worry about opened boxes of media that you'll never use. This means you can return opened media packs and you'll only be charged for what you have used! Rental Media Costs

Mitsubishi CP3020DE
What comes with the rental printer?

We ensure you get everything you need with the printer. All printers are supplied with a 5 metre power cable and a 5 meter USB cable. You do however need to tell us what media you need with the printer and how much you are likely to require. Additional media can be supplied later, however a small carriage charge will be made.

Don't forget! - You only pay for the number of prints you make.
What about Equipment Failure or Backup Equipment?

What happens if I have a equipment failure?
Our technical staff are on hand Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:30pm, to answer any questions you may have. If you have a faulty product and notify us by 3:00pm, we will ship you another unit to be delivered next working day. Note: We cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss arising from equipment failure and recommend that you either insure against this, or rent an additional unit as a back up.

What is the cost of a second printer?

If you rent two printers at the same time then the second printer rental is charged at the lower additional weekly price. If your requirement is for a backup printer then contact us for more details.
Other Common Questions

Do you sell ex-rental printers?

Yes, from time to time we do sell ex-rental photo printers. Contact us for more information and availability.

If you purchase a printer within 14 days of your rental period then you will get a 50% rebate on your rental costs. A new printer will be despatched to you unless you are purchasing an ex-rental machine.

Are there any additional charges?
The only time that any additional charges are made, is when the printer is returned damaged or incomplete.

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