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Nikon Camera Wireless Overview
A brief overview on how the Nikon Wireless System works.

Nikon Wireless: Nikon DSLR Camera Wireless Overview , Nikon Camera Control Pro , Nikon Camera Rental
Canon Wireless Canon DSLR Camera Wireless Overview

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Wireless Camera Solutions are the ideal partner to the IT5000 Click System

Nikon WT2 Wireless Transmitter

Nikon offer a variety of options for using your camera wirelessly. Their solution is one of the most affordable and unlike Canon's offering, does not require that only top of the range cameras be used.

There are currently four wireless devices from Nikon:

  • WT-1
  • WT-2
  • WT-3
  • WT-4

Free Wireless Setup of your Equipment
We at System Insight provide help and advice on wireless equipment purchased from us and can provide this on a chargable basis for equipment purchased elsewhere.

Nikon Wireless Transmitter Compatibility Chart
Wireless Transmitter  



Nikon WT-1
(Superceded by WT-2)

Nikon D2H, D2X, D2Xs

No Battery Required


Nikon WT-2

Nikon D2H, D2X, D2Xs

No Battery Required


Nikon WT-3
(Superceded by WT-2)

Nikon D200 only

Uses D200 Battery Pricing

Nikon WT-4

Nikon D300, D3

Uses D300 or D3 Battery
Unit does not clip to the camera


The WT-2 transmitter works with the Nikon D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2xs. The WT-3 is compatible with the D200 (although a simple firmware upgrade maybe required first).

How does it work?
There are two basic ways of using the Wireless System: FTP and PTP:

FTP: Allows the camera to send images to any PC anywhere on your network or the internet (if connected) via a Hub and / or PC. It is the same method that is used when creating and publishing webpages over the internet. Images are stored on the camera's card until they have been confirmed as being sent. They can then either be left on the card or deleted automatically (camera option). If the wireless signal is lost, the images are retained until you move back into range. You may also set the camera to send all images or have the user select which ones to send. Note: The use of Nikon software or open source (free) ftp servers are required on your PC.

PTP/IP: This option is used to send images to a single computer which is running proprietary Nikon software such as Camera Control Pro. PTP allows a two way communication between the camera and PC and is superb for controlling the camera from your very own PC!

It is possible to place a camera in a difficult or dangerous position and operate the camera remotely. Images are not stored on the card and cannot even be previewed on the camera. Should the camera go out of range, then it is not possible to take any images until communication is re-established.

How easy is it to setup?
Wireless networking is relatively simple providing you have a good knowledge of IT and networking. The manuals and software that comes from Nikon are very good and much easier to use than other software which may be cheaper but not as user-friendly.

Nikon Camera Control Pro Software

The Advantages of Wireless Transmission
The main benefit of using wireless transmission is that any photos will appear on your PC or IT5000 event photography solution within seconds of being taken. This enables the photographer to continue taking photos while sales staff sell the images to the customers. The improvement in workflow, which is paramount in a event photography situation, maximises profit at an event.

Nikon Solutions ExpoWith a Nikon Wireless Camera Solution your prints are ready for sale within minutes of being taken
System Insight were working in partnership with Nikon and Mitsubishi during the popular Nikon Solutions event at Olympia in December 2006.

Nikon had a large number of cameras that were being used wirelessly and this illustrated effectively to exhibition visitors how well the Nikon wireless system worked. Images were transferred from camera to an Apple server and then collected by a Mitsubishi IT5000 Click System for final printing. This enabled the images to be ready in minutes.



A Rough Guide to Camera Wireless Transmitter Pricing:

Canon WFT-E1/E1A Approx.Price £779 Nikon WT-1/1A Approx.Price £379
Canon WFT-E2/E2A Approx.Price £649 Nikon WT-2/2A Approx.Price £599
    Nikon WT-3/3A Approx.Price £399

Prices quoted above are for Wireless Transmitter Only - Accessories are usually extra:
Canon WFT-E1/E1a uses a BP-511A battery at £55 and needs a CB-5L charger at £40
(Canon WFT-E2/E2A doesn’t need a battery as it takes its power from the camera)
Nikon do not need special batteries for their wireless transmitters.

Prices as per June 2007

Conclusion: The figures speak for themselves - Nikon provide the most cost-effective solution

Wireless Camera Solutions are the ideal partner to the IT5000 Click System


Hire Nikon Wireless Transmitters WT-2 or WT-3 from System Insight

Nikon Camera Control Pro Software

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