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What we Think!
Our views on the entire Dye Sublimation Photo Printer Range

What we Think: All Printers, Hi-Ti 730 Series, Mitsubishi CP3800DW, Mitsubishi CP9550DW/DW-S, Mitsubishi CP9600DW/DW-S, Mitsubishi CP9800DW, Mitsubishi CP3020DE/DAE, Citizen CW-01, Kodak 1400, Kodak 6850, Kodak 9810

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We are Impartial !
So how can a sales company like ours be impartial? Simple, we backup everything we sell with a 7 day money back guarantee! This means that if you're not happy with what you buy from us then we'll give you a full refund!

We use the equipment ourselves, so we know what works well and where the problem areas are.

What about products that we at System Insight don't like?
Simple, we just don't sell them! Regardless of the "profit" we could make on some items, we do not sell an item if either:

  • The product isn't as good as it should be.
    As we have to support your product, it would cost us a lot of time if it's unreliable, difficult to use or doesn't perform well.

  • The Manufacturer is difficult to deal with.
    We cannot support an item if we can't get support, spares and technical information. This only annoys the customer in the long term and even though it's not our fault it inevitably creates poor customer relations.

Check out the customer reviews
You'll notice that a large number of customer reviews mention the advice we give. These reviews are left by customers after they have used the equipment they have purchased for a while, so you're going to get true and unbiased reviews.

What we think of the following Equipment

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