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Your very own Photo Lab at Home!
The range of Hi-Touch Printers provides something for everyone with superb quality photo printing in your own home.

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HiTouch Hiti Photoprinters & SuppliesImagine having your own compact photo lab at home!

You can now print perfect photo prints at home using the range of HiTi Dye Sublimation Photo Printers.

Using a HiTi Photo printer is even cheaper than an Inkjet printer or an in-store photo lab!

Dye Sublimation technology is far superior to Inkjet technology and produces true 300dpi resolution. (equal to 4800dpi inkjet)

The name maybe unfamiliar, but with a Dye Sublimation printer you can now produce the perfect passport or ID photo quickly for yourself, family and friends, while saving time and money in one go! You will be amazed by the quality and durability of the photos. As it is a dry process with a laminate coating applied, you can handle your photos immediately they're printed; no waiting for them to dry or worrying about smears. They will even survive coffee and fizzy drink spills.

The entire range of dye sublimation printers provide the following advantages over Inkjet & Traditional methods of printing photographs:

Print Speed - A 6"x4" photo printed in as little as one minute! Inkjet printers can take up to TEN TIMES the length of time to print the same size image (often at a lower effective resolution).

Print Quality - Dye Sublimation allows true 300dpi due to its continuous printing technology. This differs greatly from Inkjet printers which cannot show all shades of a colour and have to use a dithering trick at a much higher (and slower) resolution to compensate for their lack of tonal variations. A 300dpi Dye Sublimation printer is equivalent to 4800dpi Inkjet! Hi-Touch Dye Sublimation printers can print 16.77 million true colours!

Cheaper to Run - Dye Sublimation is 40% cheaper than Inkjet, with costs of 30p for a 6x4 photo, 50p for a 7x5 photo & 70p for a 8x6 photo. You know in advance what your costs are going to be, as wastage is virtually impossible as the Dye Sublimation consumables always last for the designated number of images irrespective of how much of each colour is used. You don’t get any unpleasant surprises like an Inkjet Cartridge running out half-way through a print run and wasting valuable ink and paper!

Ultimate Protection - All Hi-Touch Dye Sublimation prints are coated with a special coating making it resistant to fingerprints, fading and water ensuring that your prints stay in the same excellent condition for years to come. Fading is a thing of the past, with vastly superior results, even over traditional photos.

No need for a PC! - Some Hi-Touch Photo Printer models can be used stand alone, so don’t even need a PC and print straight from your Digital Camera Memory. So now anyone can print their photos almost anywhere. A 12v DC model is also available especially designed for portable use.

The range of Hi-Touch Printers provides something for everyone with superb quality photo printing in your own home. Check out the HiTi S400 6x4 Photo Printer


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