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Ex-Demonstration Printers
Save Money by buying an Ex-Demonstration Photo Printer.

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What is an Ex-Demo Printer?

Quite simple, it's just that. It's a printer that has either:

  • Been used in our office for printing customer samples.
  • A new printer that has been used at an exhibition or show.
  • A printer that has been returned under our 7 day trial scheme. (although we don't get many of these).
  • Any new printer that has been taken out of the box for any reason (e.g. to have promotional photos taken).

These printers are sold as new and you have exactly the same rights as when buying a new printer from us (7 day trial etc). These printers are NOT second user machines and have nearly always printed less than a few hundred pages.

Thanks also for taking the time to ring up and offer me the ex-demo PS model for the great price - you were quite correct, if you hadn't told me it was ex-demo, I'd never have known.

Ex-Demo Warranty
Unless specified, all Ex-Demo printers come with exactly the same warranty as a new printer and are covered by our seven day trial. We also keep a check on how many pages a printer has done and will inform you of this at time of purchase.

From time to time we also sell our Ex-Rental printers and second user printers.

Availability of Ex-Demo Printers
This varies from time to time and stock tends to disappear very quickly. If you are interested in an ex-demo (or second user) printer, then contact us and we will advise upon the likely availability.



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