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How to Install and use your ICC Profile - General
General instructions on how to use your ICC Colour Profile.

After you have received your colour profile, you will need to install it on your PC.

Apple Mac Users installing ICC Colour Profiles use this link

You should put the files supplied into the following directory:

Colour profiling means you can achieve a wider range of hues and make your photo prints even more true to lifeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color

Once the files have been copied into this directory, then you need to tell the printer driver to use these profiles. To do this follow these simple steps:

  • Click Start then Printers and Faxes
  • Right click on your printer and choose Properties
  • Click on Color Management
  • Click on Add
  • Select the Profile Name
  • Select Manual
  • Select Apply

The instructions for installing a Profile on an Apple Mac are different and we advise that you contact us for full details.

Things to Note

If you are trying to install profiles for a Mitsubishi 9550DW it is important to note that this printer has two printing modes, (Fine and Superfine), and we supply two profiles for this printer. You must ensure that you are using the Fine profile for Fine mode printing and the Superfine profile for Superfine printing. Some printing software packages will allow you to make these changes on the fly in the program you are using but may not save your choice. The above method of changing the profile in the driver will save your changes until you decide to change them later.

FREE: ICC Profiles are provided free of charge when you purchase a printer from us.

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