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Hire a Nikon WT-3 Wireless Transmitter
Essential kit for Event Photographers needing a higher throughput.

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Nikon WT-3 Wireless Transmitter Overview Compatible with the Nikon D200 digital SLR
Nikon's much-awaited accessory for its range of digital cameras, is now available. The WT-3 allows you to connect the camera to wireless and Ethernet networks. This allows you to remotely control the camera from a computer; you can also transfer photos from it to an FTP server or printer.

Powered by a single EN-EL3e battery and providing additional functionality, including a vertical shutter release button as well as front and rear command dials, the WT-3A delivers much more than outstanding wireless technology and performance.


  • Provides simple operation, setup and device registration, with support for up to nine device profiles with the supplied Setup Utility software.

  • IEEE802.11 b/g wireless LAN supports FTP and PTP-IP protocols with effective transfer rates up to 10 Mbps in the ad-hoc mode.

  • Built-in wired (LAN) 100BASE-T Ethernet capability with automatic cable detection offering an effective transmission rate of 15 Mbps.

  • The built-in antenna provides an operational range of up to 256 feet, or add the optional WA-E1 Extended Range Antenna for a transmission range up to 840 feet.

  • Network functions include Transfer, PC, and Print modes, remote operation via Nikon Capture and Capture Control Pro software, and wireless printing with the PD-10 Print Mode adapter.

  • TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) and AES encryption for the infrastructure mode provides increased security for file transmissions.

The following modes are supported by the WT-3 wireless transmitter:

  • Transfer mode: Computer or FTP server, allowing you to upload new or existing photos to the host
  • PC mode: Computer, allowing you to control the camera from a computer
  • Print mode: Computer, allowing you to print JPEG photos on a printer connected to the network
  • Print mode: PD-10 wireless printer adapter, allowing you to print JPEG photos on PictBridge printer connected to PD-10 wireless printer adapter

Compatible with the Nikon D200 digital SLR, the WT-3 is compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g networks, as well as 100BaseTx/10BaseT wired networks. Wireless Transmitter WT-3/WT-3A reveals that it will do more than just send photos over a Wi-Fi wireless link. The accessory for the D200 incorporates all of the functionality of the Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D200 (though it will accept only one EN-EL3e battery rather than two), it has a 10/100 Ethernet port for the transmission of photos over a wired network connection (in addition to 802.11b/g wireless networks), it allows the D200 to be controlled via a wireless or wired link and it will also make it possible to print direct from the camera to a networked printer.

Provides simple operation, setup and device registrationIn addition, the radio inside the WT-3/WT-3A appears to be more powerful than that of the current Wireless Transmitter WT-2/WT-2A, which may translate into greater range. The single EN-EL3e battery will power both the camera and the transmitter for a Nikon-specified 1600 JPEG Basic frames with the transmitter off, 1100 frames when the Ethernet port is used and 1000 frames when the wireless link is active.


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