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Kodak 6850 Professional Dye Sub Printer
High Quality 6x4, 7x5 & 8x6 Photo Prints for the Professional Photographer

Kodak launch their New 605 Dye Sublimation Photo Printer

Kodak's New 605 Dye Sub Photo Printer supersedes the Kodak 6850 Dye Sub Photo Printer.

NEW Kodak Printer
Kodak announce New 605 Photo Printer to replaces the old 6850

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The KODAK PROFESSIONAL 6850 is a fast High Quality Dye Sublimation Printer capable of a 6x4 print in 8 seconds and an 8x6 print in only 15 seconds!

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The KODAK Photo Printer 6850 delivers durable, photographic-quality prints in seconds. In just 15 seconds, the digital thermal Photo Printer 6850 can print a high-quality, borderless 6x8-inch glossy photograph that resists water and lasts a lifetime; it can print 4x6-inch prints in 8 seconds.

Efficient: the Photo Printer 6850 can output 375 6x8-inch (15x20 cm) or 5x7-inch (13x18 cm) prints or 750 4x6-inch (10x15 cm) prints, without operator intervention. With more printer uptime, and less labour downtime, the Photo Printer 6850 is a powerful, cost-efficient business tool.

The 6850 Photo Printer offers a USB 2.0 interface with USB 1.1 compatibility, for fast data transfer on a standard PC. No expensive SCSI card or cable is required. You can even gang multiple printers from the same PC for faster effective speeds.

Combine its built-in cutter with its high speed and you can confidently provide "while-you-wait" printing to gain more sales. Print drivers interface directly with PCs and laptops, making for hassle-free portability. And the Photo Printer 6850 operates faster than most similarly priced competitors' thermal and inkjet printers, so you can print more for your money with the Photo Printer 6850.

Print Media
The Kodak 6850 can print 6x4, 7x5 and 8x6 prints but not 6x9. A conversion kit is required for borderless 7x5 prints which if removed to print 8x6 will invalidate your warranty.

The Kodak 6850 can print 6 x 4, 7 x 5 and 8 x 6 prints.

A Kodak 6850 7x5 Conversion Kit is required for borderless 7x5 prints.
Kodak 6850 7 x 5 Conversion Kit






Number of Prints on a Roll of Kodak 6850 Media





Price Per Print (ex-vat)





Compare the Mitsubishi CP9550DW and the Kodak 6850

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