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Kodak 605 Professional Dye Sub Photo Printer
First impressions of the New Kodak 605 Photo Printer

Kodak launch their New 605 Dye Sublimation Photo Printer

Our first look at Kodak's New 605 Photo Printer, which supersedes the Kodak 6850 Photo Printer.

The new KODAK Photo Printer 605 supersedes the old Kodak 6850 Photo printer

The new KODAK Photo Printer 605 supersedes the old Kodak 6850 Photo printer; though it does retain many of its predecessor's features.

Initial image quality looks good, but there is some concern that the prints can be easily scratched. At this stage we are unsure if their are any issues with thermal smear or image quality that dogged other Kodak printers in the past.

We have also had reports that it is noisy in operation, but are led to believe that when the printer is shipped to customers, it will be quieter than the model that Kodak are showcasing around the country.

Hopefully the problems that the 6800 and 6850 printers had with flash photography have been fixed with the introduction of this model, but we do not have any information regarding this yet.

We are pleased to see that the weight of the printer has been reduced to 18kgs which makes it much easier to carry; though the footprint of the printer is bigger than its rivals at 290mm x 498mm x 326mm (11.4in x 19.6in x 12.8in).

Print Media
Kodak 605 Print mediaMedia looks to be the same as used in the old 6850, but we are suprised to learn that there is still no 9x6 media and that 7x5 prints can only be made borderless by purchasing the one time upgrade kit. This seems most bizarre considering all the other major professional photo printers can print both 9x6 and borderless 7x5 without either of these issues.

Top loading retained but weight is reduced on Kodak 605Media still has to be loaded by opening the top of the printer (as with the 6850) and so makes flight cases for the printer cumbersome, heavy and expensive.

We like the print catcher on the front of the printer; this is something that many manufactures forget and is a nice touch.

The Kodak 605 photo print mediaThe 605 (like the 6850) can output 375 6x8-inch (15x20 cm) or 5x7-inch (13x18 cm) prints or 750 4x6-inch (10x15 cm) prints, without operator intervention.

Print Speed
Print Speed looks to be impressive just like the 6850 giving typical speeds of 11 seconds for 6x4, 18.5 seconds for 7x5 and 8x6 prints.

Print catcher on the front of the printer is a nice touch on the Kodak 605Connectivity
Drivers for Windows XP and Vista are included; though once again Apple Mac Users are not catered for.
(USB 1.1 & USB 2.0 connections are offered).

Too early to say really; as long as Kodak get it right before shipping (hopefully not a repeat of the Kodak 1400 fiasco).
On the face of it, it should be a good printer, but in reality however, it looks like a 6850 in a new lighter box (without the flash problem hopefully) - time will tell.



Media Consumables
•  KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTATHERM 605 / 6800 / 6850 4R Print Kit 106 7347
•  KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTATHERM 605 / 6850 5R Print Kit 189 9160
•  KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTATHERM 605 / 6800 / 6850 6R Print Kit 197 4096

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