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Sony Snaplab Dye Sub Photo Printer - UPCR10L
The UPCR10L Snap Lab Digital Dye Sub Photo System prints 3.5"x5", 4"x6" and 5"x7" photo lab like quality prints.


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The Sony UP-CR10L Snap Lab is a compact, standalone digital photo system with robust editing features right on the printer that let users manipulate their images and then output high-end digital prints in seconds - without the need of a computer!

Create photo-quality prints, greeting cards, announcements and more at your own convenience. With high-speed dye sublimation processing, easy-to-use editing tools, and a compact body, you can print high-quality digital images whenever and wherever you need them. Designed for your unique digital image processing needs, Sony's SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system is like having a personal photo-lab in the comfort of your own home or business.

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Print by Sony for superior picture quality
Sony SnapLab (UPCR10L)

Ultimate Convenience
Personalise your prints on-location. Quick, easy-to-use, and easy to take with you, the SnapLab™ Digital Photo-finishing system is your solution for customising and printing high-quality digital images on-site. Built to fit in small spaces and weighing only 24 pounds, you can transport the SnapLab system easily between your business and your home. The SnapLab system is incredibly flexible, accepting today's most popular media to load and transfer image data to the printer. Once media is inserted into the printer, simply view, edit and enhance digital images with the user-friendly interface integrated on the touch-sensitive colour LCD panel.
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Professional Quality
Print digital images into crisp, life-like digital photos. Enjoy, share, and sell photo-lab-quality prints from your SnapLab™ Digital Photo-finishing system. Sony's high-speed roll dye sublimation technology creates vibrant colours and natural, continuous tones. Provide associates and customers with long-lasting digital photos when you print on Sony's UV-archival quality paper.

The UPCR10L Snap Lab like all SONY Digital Photofinishing Systems provides superior picture quality

Instant digital prints anytime anywhere with Sony SnapLab ™

Revolutionary desktop photofinishing solution delivers new revenue opportunities for traditional and opportunistic photo printing channels

The UPCR10L Snap Lab Digital Photo System prints 3.5"x5", 4"x6" and 5"x7" photo lab like quality prints.

Powerful Performance

Experience sophisticated editing tools and high-volume printing. In just seconds, you can load data, enhance images, and begin printing large quantities of high-quality photographs. Design postcards, invitations, announcements, IDs, photo novelties and more with the SnapLab™ Digital Photo-finishing system's integrated editing tools. Add borders and text, crop images, adjust colours, reduce red-eye, transform photographs to black and white or sepia tones, or select from 30 built-in templates to customise your digital images. You can even number and manage your prints. Meet all your business needs with the all-encompassing SnapLab image editing and processing system.

Compact Size
Designed to fit almost anywhere and easily transportable, the SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system has a compact body, small footprint and weighs only 24 pounds.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
With the user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), it's easy to use and operate the SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system. Simply insert digital media and touch the buttons on the LCD panel to edit and print images.
User-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Adjustable Touch-Sensitive colour LCD Panel
Tilt the angle of the 8" LCD panel2 to operate the SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system from a variety of viewing positions. With the panel's touch-sensitive capability, you can edit photos, add borders and insert text on-location without the use of a PC.

PC Connectivity
Although you can use the SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system without a PC, you can also edit digital images on your computer and transfer them to the SnapLab system via the supplied printer driver (supports Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP Home Edition and XP Professional).
Comes equipped with a security slot

Security Slot
For protection against theft, the SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system comes equipped with a security slot for attaching a security cable3.

Effortless Media Replacement
Replacing paper and ribbon is very simple and doesn't require chemicals or any special skills.

Wide variety of digital mediaCompatible Media
The Sony SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system accepts a wide variety of digital media including Memory Stick® media, Memory Stick Duo™ media, Memory Stick PRO™ media, Memory Stick Pro Duo™ media, Secure Digital (SD) card, Multi Media card, Smart Media card, xD-Picture card, and CompactFlash® (CF) card, and microdrives.
Photo-lab-quality digital prints


Dye Sublimation Technology
For photo-lab-quality digital prints, the SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system features Sony's dye sublimation technology. Instead of printing dots of ink, dye sublimation printers lay down colours in continuous tones one colour at a time. The result is crisp, vibrant images with natural, continuous tones.

PowerBorderless prints in seconds
High Speed Printing
Share photos instantly. A newly developed thermal print mechanism enables the SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system to operate at high speeds, regardless of print size. In just seconds you can create borderless prints and index prints in multiple sizes. Print a 3.5" x 5" photograph in 13 seconds, a 4" x 6" photograph in 16 seconds and a 5" x 7" photograph in 17 seconds1. The SnapLab system also features a fast 10-second startup time, so you can power on and start printing images right away.

Complete set of editing toolsImage Editing Tools
With the SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system, you have a complete set of editing tools to enhance and customise your photographs. zoom, crop and rotate the focus on a subject. Eliminate unwanted background and rotate the image. Adjust the colour for maximum vibrancy. Reduce unwanted red-eye. Transform colour pictures into black and white or sepia-toned images.

Add Borders and Text

Overlay your company logos, event names, or custom-designed borders onto your digital images4. It's easy to create cards for events and announcements. Easily identify an event or personalise a photograph by placing messages and captions on images and borders5.

Order Management
Easily keep track of orders. Using Sony's original pattern lamination technology, you can print numbers on the front of the photograph that are only visible when the print is tilted. By printing order numbers on each photo, prints can be sorted by job for smooth distribution. In addition, a print log can be viewed on the LCD panel and exported to a CompactFlash® card or microdrive in "CSV" format for use as a Microsoft® Excel file on your computer.
Multiple layouts using 30 built-in templates

Multiple Layouts
Add value to each print and create anything from ID cards to novelty products using 30 built-in templates within the SnapLab system.

Image Data Spooling
After requesting a print order, the SnapLab Digital Photo-finishing system spools the image data to be printed6. Remove the memory card and continue to take more photographs while the job is printing.

Screensaver Customisation
Screensaver images can be customised by preloading data. The screen can display various images such as a company logo or a special promotion when the printer is not printing digital photos.Features and Benefits:

Features Summary:
High Speed / High Quality
Share favorite photos instantly!
4"x6" Digital Photo Prints in approximately 15 seconds!
Enables high volume printing in short time
Photo-lab like quality prints meet demanding user's expectation
Its compact design and completely dry thermal system make it easy to transport
Easy to Use
No PC needed
Simple to use interface
Everybody can print digital photos without manual
Easy - no mess media replacement

Compact & Stylish
Only 24 lbs! - Easy to move
Fits almost anywhere
Adjustable LCD tilt angle allows to operate in variety of positions

Editing without a PC
zoom, Crop, Rotate
colour Adjustment
Red-Eye Reduction
Sepia / Monochrome
Add Borders / Add Text
Print Split Images
Order Numbering

2UPCC13 - 3.5"x5" prints
2UPCC14 - 4" x 6" prints
2UPCC15 - 5" x 7" prints

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