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HiTi BS-iD400 Passport & ID Card Printer
The best solution for Passport & ID Card Photos.

Photo ID & Passport Photo Systems from:
Hi-Touch Technologies: Hi-Ti 640ID, Hi-Ti BS-iD400, (as used by HM Border and Immigration Service)
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi EasyPhoto, Mitsubishi DIS-900 ID System,
Sony: Sony UPX-C100 ID System, Sony UPX-C200 ID System, Sony UPX-C300 ID System,

Recently a company advertised that the Sony Passport System was approved by the Home Office. We at System Insight knew this to be untrue as is in fact the Home Office doesn't have any procedures in place for approving equipment.
As we are always striving to provide our customers with the correct information we complained to the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) and our complaint was investigated and upheld.
The HM Border and Immigration Service do however successfully use Hi-Ti 640ID and BS-iD400 Photo Printers as do other government agencies.

Hi-Ti BS-iD400 Portable Passport and ID Printer

Introducing the new HiTi ID and Passport photo printer from Hi-Touch...

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HiTi BS-iD400 Passport & ID Dye Sublimation Photo Printer

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Exclusive LinkPrint Direct Printing Technology
HiTi BS-iD400 embedded with LinkPrint technology offers a connection interface linking HiTi BS-iD400 and various storage devices including flash memory cards, USB storage drives, digital cameras, or USB compatible storage devices such as USB hard drive devices.

Embedded ID Formats Selection *
With a wide range of embedded ID format selection, HiTi BS-iD400 offers you a total solution for all your ID photo printing needs. In addition, a free bundled software, IDesiree 2.0, gives you unbeatable flexibility in ID format designs to satisfy the ID photo market demand worldwide.

* Accessible embedded ID formats may vary from region to region.

2.5 inch TFT LCD Window
The TFT LCD window, together with multi-language menus and graphical interface, simplifies the operation without the need for a PC. With this 2.5 inch LCD controller, all operations from capturing images to printing ID photos become your second nature.

Colour and Grey Scale Printing
HiTi BS-ID400 is capable of printing both colour (YMCO) and grey scale (KO) photo in 256 levels of colour to achieve a total of 16.77 million colours.

Lightening-Fast OEE Digital Image Processor
HiTi BS-iD400 utilizes an ingenious OEE digital image processor, together with a revolutionary algorithm and powerful image processing engine, and offers outstanding digital image output quality. Our Innovative engineering team has given HiTi BS series a intuitive user interface superb all around performance in JPEG image processing, colour enhancement, and comprehensive image editing options.

High-Capacity Paper Cassette and Ribbon Cartridge
HiTi BS-iD400 offers 100 prints capacity on both paper cassette and ribbon cartridge, providing continuous printing need in commercial use. It substantially reduces the frequency ribbon and paper replacement, and gives easier maintenance and carefree operation.

Effective Dust Resistant Design
To ensure the highest print quality, HiTi BS-iD400 has an integrated rear dust shield which effectively prevents dust from entering the printer and ensuring beautiful, dust-free prints.

HiTi BS-iD400 Consumables:

Hi-Ti Paper/Ribbon Kit (6x4 - 100 Images or 800 Uk Passport Photos) - HTBS100PA
NOTE: This Media IS NOT Back Printed and IS suitable for UK Passports

Hi-Ti Paper/Ribbon Kit (6x4 - 100 Images or 800 ID/ Passport Photos) - HTBS100PK
NOTE: This Media IS Back Printed, choose the PASSPORT MEDIA for non Back Print media

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