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Sony UPX-C300 Passport & ID photo system
Digital Passport & ID Photography solution for Shops with the convenience of using Bluetooth® technology.

Photo ID & Passport Photo Systems from:
Hi-Touch Technologies: Hi-Ti 640ID, Hi-Ti BS-iD400, (as used by HM Border and Immigration Service)
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi EasyPhoto, Mitsubishi DIS-900 ID System,
Sony: Sony UPX-C100 ID System, Sony UPX-C200 ID System, Sony UPX-C300 ID System,

Recently a company advertised that the Sony Passport System was approved by the Home Office. We at System Insight knew this to be untrue as is in fact the Home Office doesn't have any procedures in place for approving equipment.
As we are always striving to provide our customers with the correct information we complained to the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) and our complaint was investigated and upheld.
The HM Border and Immigration Service do however successfully use Hi-Ti 640ID and BS-iD400 Photo Printers as do other government agencies.

Sony UPX-C300 Digital ID & Passport Photo System

Sony UPX-C200 Digital Printing System incorporating  the UP-DX100

The Sony UPX-C300 is designed specifically to provide high quality mini portraits, passport and ID photos in a variety of useful print sizes. Both systems are “off the shelf” solutions, comprising a high resolution digital still camera and photo printer. Easy to operate, with irreproachable image quality and delivering a variety of photo services in a single efficient system, there’s no easier way to get into the business.

Enabling you to enter today’s passport ID photo market with minimal investment, the UPX-C300 is a turnkey solution, allowing you to start a profitable passport ID business from the moment it is installed. Consisting of a high quality 8 megapixel digital still camera and photo printer, the system could not be simpler to operate.

Both the camera and printer (connected via Bluetooth) are packed with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, functions and provide a truly simple and effective way to get started in the lucrative passport ID photo business.

Compact, space-saving design

Wireless Bluetooth connection between camera and printer
Automatic face alignment

Battery Power
Bluetooth wireless transmission and battery power for the camera means no cables are required thus allowing flexibility in positioning and no trip hazards.

Automatic Face Alignment
Saves you time and effort by framing the captured image correctly.

Large LCD
The 7.6cm/3-inch LCD helps you review images quickly and easily.

8 Megapixel Camera
Delivers sharp images.

400 dpi Printer Resolution
Giving you high quality ID and passport prints.

Large Strobe Flash
The UPX-C300 camera’s strobe flash is larger than conventional models, helping to shoot high quality pictures.

Multi-Language Support
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and Portuguese.

Security Cable Compatibility
The unit can be connected to many of the third-party security cables available on the market.

Filter Compatibility
A lens filter thread allows a range of different filters to be attached.





















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