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Sandisk Memory - About Memory Speed
Learn Why Memory Speed is Important

Why is Memory Speed Important?

When you take a picture with your camera it is then stored onto a memory card. Nearly all Cameras come with a standard card which can take 3-4 seconds to save the picture. This means that the camera is not ready to take another photo until the first photo is saved. If however you use a SanDisk Ultra II or Extreme III card then the photo will be saved much faster. This means that you can take more pictures in a shorter space of time, ideal for sports photography or even the kids running around the garden!

How fast is fast?

Standard cards transfer between 2-5mb/sec, however Ultra II cards transfer at 9mb/sec and Extreme III 18mb/sec a significant difference.

Can my device use the faster cards?

Any device that uses a memory card can use the faster cards i.e. if you use Compactflash then any speed Compactflash card will work. A few older devices may not work as fast the fastest cards, but they work they just don't take advantage of the increased speed, this is due to the device not processing the data quick enough. Nearly all cameras will be able to use the faster cards.

With the advances in memory card speed and capacity SanDisk have produced three grades of memory cards:

  • Standard (Blue Range) offering memory size from 64mb-8Gb
  • Ultra II with enhanced read/write speed, from 256Mb-4GB
  • Extreme III with ultimate read/write speed, from 1Gb-4Gb

Memory Range & Pricing

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