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Printing From a PC or Apple Mac to HiTi Printers
Direct Printing using Photo Desiree Software

Printing from an Apple Mac
All HiTi models can be used with an Apple Mac (except the 630PL photo printer).

To print from the Mac you will need the Hi-Ti printer driver, which is available free of charge from us. We will include it with your order if you specify that you need the Mac Driver.

Printing your photos is then done using iPhoto. The Photo Desiree software that is included for the PC is not available on the Mac as it is not needed, as everyone uses the excellent iPhoto package.

Printing from a PC

All HiTi Models can be used with a PC. The Windows printer drivers are included in the box, and also included is a software package called Photo Desiree, which enables you to print photos qucikly and easily.

Using Photo Desiree Software

There are six simple steps to printing your photos with Photo Desiree; they are listed in detail below.

Printing from a PC using Photo Desiree Application Software

1. Select the image(s) you wish to print; this can be from a file on your PC's hard disk, a Twain source (e.g. camera) or from the memory card in the Hi-Ti Printer. You can select one or many images to work with.

2. Select an image and move it down to the layout window.

3. Choose the printer you wish to print on and the size and type of paper you wish to print on. You can also choose the orientation of the image for best results.

4. Once you are happy with the photo size and orientation then move the image into the print queue window.

5. You can edit the image and change the colours; how the image fits into the size of photo you wish to print, brightness, sharpness even add a calendar or text to your image.

6. Print the images in your print queue.

You can save any print queues that you have created for later printing if required.

Stand-alone printing on HiTi Photo Printers

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