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HiTi 730PS Version 2 from Hi-Touch
The HiTi 730PS Version 2 is now over seven times faster at processing images and yet still gives the same superb quality photos in 6x4, 7x5 & 8x6 sizes.


The NEW 730PS Version 2 will process your images from a card upto 7 times faster!.

All other aspects of the 730PS are identical to the older model, except that the new 730PS currently doesn't support the Apple Mac! This seems rather strange, as the old model was well supported on the Apple Mac platform; however we are promised that updated firmware will soon be available.

18 Months Warranty when purchased from us

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Thirteen Reasons to buy your 730PS printer from us

New 730PS Version 2 is now
over 7 times faster processing images from a card.

Much Faster Image Processing
As the New 730PS processes the images much faster than it's predecessor, it can now effectively double the number of images printed in one hour from 20 to 40 when printing directly from a memory card. Printing time from a PC is unaffected and remains the same as the old model.

Mac Compatibility
The new model should also be compatible with the Apple Mac family, as was the original model; however, we are currently waiting for a firmware update, which is due January 2007, before the new model will work with an Apple Mac.

Cosmetic Differences
You can tell the difference between the two models in two ways:

Firstly the old model came in blue outer box packaging, whereas the new model is packaged in a brown cardboard outer box.

Secondly the new model has a small white label attached to the top of the printer, that the older model doesn't have. The old model simply had the Hi-Ti label printed in blue.

Other Hi-Ti 730 Models
The 730PL remains the same as before; simply because it cannot process images from a card and require use of a PC to operate. The 730Gala also remains unchanged.

All 730PS models sold by us are now the Newer Version. However, if you urgently need the Mac compatibility then contact us on 01329-835500

Actual Processing Times
The tables below show the actual times taken to print a 7x5 and 8x6 image using the new and old printer models. The processing times shown are for images processed from a memory card; no speed advantage will be given if you are using a PC to print with your 730PS.

NOTE: These results were taken using a Large .JPG file. Processing times for smaller images are quicker using the old 730PS, but still represent a 4.5 times faster processing on the new printer.

Old 730PS
New 730PS
7x5 Processing
106 secs
15 secs
7x5 Printing
68 secs
68 secs
8x6 Processing
106 secs
15 secs
8x6 Printing
74 secs
74 secs

730PS Print Speed Comparison Spreadsheet

Feel free to contact us if you require any further information on 01329-835500

Protect your investment with a HiTi 730 series dust cover

A quality dustcover for the 730 series is now available and will keep your printer looking like new.

A carry case is now available for the 730 Series in response to demand from customers who wish to protect their equipment investment.

Note: The 600 series carry case is not suitable for the 730PS.




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