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Mitsubishi Event Software Update
New software for Click Lite and IT5000 which has been especially developed for Event Photographers

Get your Click Lite / IT5000 Updated to the latest version. Click Here

All Click Lite / IT5000 Systems purchased after 14th Apr 09
will have the latest Event Software Pre-Loaded

Software Update - Event Photography Edition

Mitsubishi have recently been working closely with us at System Insight to develop a special event photography version of the Click Software.

We at System Insight can provide an upgrade facility to upgrade your Click or IT5000 to the latest version. Even if you have purchased your system elsewhere we can still upgrade your system for you. Contact us on 01329-835500 for more information.

This software Click Version 2.50 EVENT, has some new features that almost all Event Photographers will find useful. These include:

    • DSLR cameras* may be connected wirelessly; images instantly arrive in the working folder and can be viewed, reworked if required and printed within seconds. New images appear instantly into the event browser, so no need to keep refreshing the screen.
      *Check compatibility if the DLSR has wifi functionality. This is a third party integration.

    • Chroma Key technology. This built-in function will add new ways to shoot events adding further fun and possible revenue to each job. The working process is simple to use with a finalised image preview or output achieved very quickly. The Chroma Key tool allows you to select any pre-made background as default, images shot against a green or blue backdrop can be quickly fused with the backdrop creating a unique and original photo only available from your studio.

    • Carousel display, this offers the ability to present images taken via a third party stand alone monitor or projector. Images shot will be added to rolling presentation and viewed at a preset interval. Note this function presents all images from the working directory and will automatically cycle and re-cycle during the course of the event.

    • Quick image search. New feature within event browser, quickly search for photos using an on-screen keyboard. This should be helpful during the course of a busy event.

    • Read and write to USB memory pens. Option now available to write images to a USB pen drive direct from the Click. Ideal for selling photos to customers and storing onto a portable device.

    • Mirror and de-laminate print function. New setting which allows a photo to be printed without a laminate cover and in reverse. This function is ideal if you intend to start producing mugs or shirts with printed photos. Third party hardware is required to produce such items.

    • iQ profile management. New built-in colour profiling tool for us with Mitsubishi dye sublimation printers. Please note, third party hardware required for screen and image profiling. Colour Confidence UK may assist with the correct tools required.

    • Mitsubishi Click systems work with a wide range of Mitsubishi Electric printers. Compatible printers include the CP9550DW-S printer and newer CP9800DW-S high speed printer. These printers allow 4”x6”, 5”x”7, 6”x8” and 6”x9” printing. Also compatible is the CP3800DW printer, this is ideal for producing magazine covers with both 8”x10” and 8”x12”inch media options.

Click Lite is a cut down version of the IT5000 Click System, yet still uses the superb photo processing software and touch screen that the IT5000 uses.

Like our IT5000 Systems we also offer a Click Lite PRO Version which is the ultimate Click Lite System

The main differences between the IT5000 and the Click Lite are the number and type of printers that are supported and the some advanced features that the IT5000 has.

With Click Lite available at such a resonable price it is now well within the reaches of most event photographers.

Click Lite uses the same software verrsions of the Mitsubishi DPSClick Software as the IT5000 as the software is identical and the Click Lite can be connected to up to two printers. It currently supports the CP9550DW-S, CP3020DE, CP3020DA, the new CP3800DW but *NOT* the CP9800DW-S or CP9600DW-S

We have always been admirers of the IT5000 and the Click Lite is no different in its operation (apart from printer support). We supply the Click Lite in Standard and Pro Versions.

At first sighting most people can't seem to see much difference between using a Click System and a laptop! In fact there are many differences and they are:

  • Anyone can use it! - In Event Photography the last thing you want is a piece of software that you need a training course for! - We say that you could take anyone and within 10 minutes they would be using the system as if they had always used it.

  • It make light work of producing superb quality prints in seconds, the software is very intuative and you don't have to fight with an operating system

  • You don't need to use a mouse! - Just use your finger...This may not seem like an important thing but try using a mouse at an event when you don't even have a table!
  • It looks good....Now that might not be the first thing that springs to mind but impressions are always important, especially in photography and seeing someone use an IT5000 or Click Lite is an Event in itself, it is very impressibe and never ceases to amaze.

We are often told by photographers that "if I hadn't had my Click system I woudn't have managed at the event" and as users of the system ourselves we know what they mean.

If you would like to see the IT5000 or Click Lite in operation we can arrange a free web demo. This enables you to view the system in operation over the internet from the comfort of your own home or office. Just give us a call and we can show you within several minutes - you'll be amazed!



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